Company Overview
The opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others drives the day-to-day efforts of the Macfadden team. You can see it in our work; both today and all the way back to the founding of our company in 1986. Committed to delivering rapid and reliable results for our clients around the globe, Macfadden’s team of experts are working diligently on a daily basis to help our clients ensure humanitarian relief efforts operate smoothly and efficiently, to deliver aid and support to developing democracies, to improve the safety and efficiency of our nation’s air travel, and to improve the efficiency of business processes to quickly and efficiently bring needed medications to market.

Whether creating networks, developing software solutions, managing databases or managing entire programs, Macfadden is committed to delivering results and exceeding expectations.

Why Macfadden?

Make a Difference
Macfadden personnel are making a difference throughout the United States and around the world. Federal agencies and organizations have trusted Macfadden to deliver innovative “technology solutions with a heart” for more than 20 years. We continually seek like-minded leaders of today – and tomorrow – who share our commitment to promoting global change.

Become an Employee-Owner
At Macfadden, we believe in investing in our most important asset – our people. As an employee-owned company, we share our equity and our successes with our employees. Through our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), we foster a culture of ownership that drives innovation, resulting in creative and productive employees with a vested interest in the success of our company.

Be Part of a Unique Corporate Culture
Macfadden offers a unique corporate culture characterized by generosity of spirit and relentless dedication. Our business philosophy places a premium on personal initiative and responsibility. Our culture provides an environment where creativity flourishes and innovation abounds.

Embrace Diversity
We view each employee as an individual, with unique backgrounds, interests, skills and personal responsibilities. We encourage our staff members to continually acquire new skills and expand their knowledge. We support the ongoing professional development of our employees and constantly strive to help them gain and retain current and advanced credentials and certifications.

We are committed to attracting and retaining talented, professional staff members. We look for team players who enjoy their work and have a desire to work closely with others to achieve shared goals. We seek people who are motivated by a sincere dedication to accomplishing our clients' goals and objectives and sharing their successes.

If you share our ideologies, envision yourself as a member of the Macfadden team, and have a desire to be a part of this unique corporate culture, please click on the link above.
Company Summary
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