Company Overview

It has been nearly 23 years since our company, Koam Engineering Systems Inc., (otherwise known as KES Incorporated, or simply KES) began providing innovative systems engineering solutions to our valued customers in the defense community. From its inception, KES was meant to be a company that provided both efficient and effective service - as well as one that genuinely cared about the success and well being of both its customers and its employees. Looking back on the last 23 years, I would say that we have lived up to this inspired vision and that we have much for which to be proud.

When I founded KES in 1994 I had but one thing in mind, that our company would do better, that it would strive to provide the best possible service to our customers, and that it would also provide a positive and supportive working environment - one in which our employees would be both happy and productive. I sincerely believe we have achieved this ‘win-win’ scenario...and that we will continue doing so in the future.

As a first generation immigrant from South Korea, I have learned to overcome challenges from personal experience. I have also learned from these challenges, and have ultimately applied these ‘lessons learned’ in order to excel personally. Consequently, these important lessons have also been applied in the way we built and operate our company, overcoming challenges, constantly learning from them, and always seeking ways to excel in what we do.

I have been truly blessed to work with and learn from many wonderful people and I still believe that ‘people’ are most important, whether they be our customers or our employees. Of course this is not to diminish the importance of the technologies we develop or of the methodologies we use - these too are very important indeed. But at the end of the day, these are simply ‘tools’ meant to be of service to people. This is why ‘people’ will always be our focus - and I am grateful we have some of the best and brightest people working for KES.

Once again, welcome to our website. We invite you to join us in the continuing ‘KES story’ - a story about a company dedicated to its customers, and one in which its employees are continuously challenged, supported and appreciated. We look forward to being of service to you.

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KOAM Engineering Systems (KES)
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