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All of our services incorporate unique, industry-leading quantitative risk management methodologies and tools to successfully reduce cost, technical, and schedule risk.

Quantitative Risk Management

On all customer engagements, ARES leverages our significant expertise in the development and application of quantitative risk management best practices to improve safety and quality, minimize schedule delays and budget overruns, reduce change orders, and optimize operational performance and productivity across all of our projects. In delivering our solutions, we identify sources of risk and use technical, mathematical, and scientific methods to quantify and mitigate those risks. ARES’ key differentiator is our simultaneous focus on technical, cost, and schedule risk across all of our engagements. ARES specializes in highly technical, highly complex projects where there are significant technical risks to employees, enterprises, the environment, and critical infrastructure. Whether in the nuclear, space, or defense sectors, the potential consequences of the technical risks that ARES is typically engaged to mitigate span significant economic impact to loss of life.


ARES provides comprehensive engineering services to control technical risks to project success, typically resulting in increased operational effectiveness and significant cost savings. ARES is adept at solving extremely complex technical challenges by offering solutions spanning systems engineering, architecture and design (including specialty equipment design), nuclear construction and start-up support, hazards and safety analysis, and risk engineering. ARES’ employees have extensive expertise in the aerospace, chemical, civil, electrical, environmental, instrumentation and control, materials, mechanical, nuclear, seismic, and systems engineering disciplines, resulting in a unique breadth of capabilities to serve client needs. Recognized for our capabilities on highly technical, high risk projects, we are also known for its proven history of on-time, on-budget performance.

Reliability and Mission Assurance

ARES is a recognized leader in the use of quantitative tools to assess the reliability and mission readiness of nuclear, space, and defense systems. In these high-risk environments, ARES’ ability to perform iterative quantitative assessments provides clients with objective data to support complex decisions. Our focus on quantitative risk management differentiates our reliability and mission assurance services. ARES’ knowledge of risk methodologies is extensive, spanning probabilistic analysis, deterministic analysis, fault tree analysis (including system/subsystem failure analysis and the ability to perform risk-based trade studies), root cause analysis, uncertainty analysis, Monte Carlo simulation, parametric analysis, event tree analysis, failure modes and effects analysis, reliability analysis, process hazard analysis, consequence analysis, and decision analysis. ARES’ personnel possess deep expertise in modeling complex systems to identify risks or vulnerabilities and predict performance, and are often engaged to design holistic risk management systems on complex projects. In particular, ARES has unique, industry-leading expertise in probabilistic risk assessments (PRAs), performing some of the world’s most complex PRAs on behalf of NASA and the DoD. ARES has performed PRAs for the complex technological systems aboard the International Space Station and for fighter and bomber aircraft.

IT Architecture and Security

ARES’ IT architecture and security services consist of enterprise architecture and software development, systems administration, modeling and simulation, and information security solutions, which are typically provided within the context of restricted access, high availability operations in classified and unclassified environments. ARES uses its CMMI Level 3 compliant processes to support knowledge management, semantic (Web 2.0) technology, secure network, and custom application projects. ARES leverages extensive expertise in risk management techniques to improve system reliability, performance, and security, which has resulted in the Company’s status as a trusted provider of high availability, mission critical systems to its clients. Additionally, ARES professionals use our proprietary CyberAVERT IT vulnerability assessment software to assess network vulnerabilities and propose mitigations.

Project Management

ARES provides project management expertise and support personnel in program/project risk management, project controls, risk-based schedule analysis, decision analysis, supplier management, technology readiness level assessment, process analysis, and cost estimating and uncertainty analysis that enables our clients to reduce their overall risk profile. ARES offers the unique capability of risk-based program/project management, spanning technical, schedule, and cost management to adapt a holistic view towards program/project success. ARES’ program/project risk management process provides a comprehensive, iterative program to allow clients to identify and manage risk throughout their mission’s lifecycle. Proven methodology, comprehensive services, and a wide-ranging software toolset provide a complete, integrated capability which makes ARES the leading program risk management provider-of-choice for our clients. Additional service offerings include cost/benefit analysis, cost estimating and uncertainty analysis, strategic planning, six sigma process and training, LEAN implementation, management and facilitation services, owner’s agent services, root cause analysis (related to Sarbanes Oxley compliance and DOE financial reporting compliance), project management plans, project/process analysis, cost account management, and subcontractor management.


ARES leverages its proprietary software in providing security assessment services to high value facilities. ARES’ AVERT program is the premier 3D security optimization software that visually depicts, analyzes, and optimizes physical security. Our BluTrain software was designed specifically for security forces and their management to instruct on tactics, techniques, and procedures, all within an immersive 3D representation of their actual facility. Combining these tools with our experienced personnel, ARES provides all of the security assessment and analysis services needed to make customer facilities more secure and to allow them to make the most of their security budget. In addition to our validated and reliable software solutions, we also offer formal vulnerability and site assessment services by some of the best and most trusted security experts in the industry. We offer the most efficient and reliable modeling and simulation experts to support any security modeling and analysis needs, including the best AVERT and BluTrain modelers.

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